Esse merece

MJs shoes

MJ's shoes

Esse é minha primeira tentativa de um post em inglês. Então vamos lá… estou treinando a algum tempo.
When I was young and while my mother worked hard to bring some money to house, I had played basketball every day with two friends of mine, Ariovaldo and Ricardo Friets (yeah, this is him name).

We played in the park called “Adalberto Marianni” or just “Adalberto”.
I passed my days dreaming about be like Mike, just like the commercial…

One day of this when I passed the afternoons with my friends, a team’s scout watched me playing in the park and him came two or three more times. He asked me if I wanted to play in the famous club in Santos called INTERNACIONAL DE REGATAS.
I just had eleven years and him told me how wonder was my talent for such young boy. Hiden for my mom I started to pratice in the club two days on the week.
In my first game, I was a bench warmed. But, in the first time, when I putted my foot on the court and the ball touched my fingers, something stranger passed in my mind… I dont was in the court, no, I was alone, just me and the basket. I see my covered players screaming to me, for I pass the ball. But a don’t could, her was locked in my hand. So, I jump,I shot and I had pointed my finger to my firsts three points of my career.
The other coach, looked me with hate, becouse after those points I had marked eighteen more

After this day I never more started on the bench and my friend, unless some of those who don’t like me at these time, started to call me a “ball-hog”. I really don’t cared

Months later I played the stadual championship and I win the medal of “player with more regularity”, in these days I had twelve years.

In the year of 1996 I was called to play in the best club of my region, SALDANHA DA GAMA.
My mom was against this, becouse
I would have to take the bus alone and she did not like this idea. But, mom
rethought after my tears and sorrow she agree with my plans and I iniciate my training with coach Roberto before I start to play with the other boys, more advanded than me.
I trained 2 months before the we had expected. So, when the championship came I was ready.

With an average of 15 points, 12 assistances and 5 fouls, coach Oswaldo begun to pick up my foot, because I started getting very moody.
In the final four, I don’t played and my team loose the championship as a lesson for everybody. He said: “We doesn’t mean me”
I do not remember a day who I had cried so
A year later we became state champions and a I win a medal of honor for play team and my average of assistances passed to 12 for 18 per game.

The following year I moved to “São Bernardo do Campo” and started playing on a team called VOLKS.
We dont win nothing, but a meet coach Thelma, coach of the best team of all country the PINHEIROS.
I changed again and at my fifteen for my seventeen I played there and became myself a very good player, a lider and the breath of my fellow.
We played all competitions for a big team has to play: State Championship, Country Championship and the ill-fated South American League. Two years late, I was watching TV and was the final of NBA, Mike maked the last shot at the last minute and I will never forget the expression on his face, the willpower, the all fury burst their eyes, this was emotionally difficult to translate for me, becouse of all senses who reaches in the same ways so diferent persons, that really are the most stronger, is the sense of victory against all and everybody who doesn’t belive then you are able to do that

I had my chance in the south american league, Bariloche, Argentina, july 2000
Last minute against Onarife Boca Juniors, the ball is in Valter’s hand, I turned back of my defender, he stopped on the block made by Frederico Garcia (point guard of Onarife), beaten by the own player Frederico fail to catch me, I receive the ball, but I am not there. My mind started to think about everything would win with this shot… and I missed.

And in this game I receive my best leason for all my life, for Jordan and everybody who tried and fail.
Life brings little chance to you. And the work for replacement is hard, do it right chances.


Espero não ter feito meu irmão passar vergonha , mas vale a tentativa

~ por danielcelha em 14/09/2009.

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  1. Legal que até lembrou de mim no seu sonho! 🙂 valeu! Abraço.

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